Dividendsdb x-trackers CSI 300 UCITS ETF 2D ISIN LU0455008887, Valor Number 11105162

  • This fund does only have marketing distribution rights for Austria, Hong Kong, France, Luxembourg, Sweden, South Korea, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Germany, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Ireland.

Dividends of the db x-trackers CSI 300 UCITS ETF 2D

Current dividend yield

Current dividend yield Premium Feature
Dividends (last 12 months) CHF 0.02

Historic dividend yields

Period Dividend in CHF Dividend yield in %
1 Year CHF 0.02 Premium Feature
2016 CHF 0.02
2015 CHF 0.01
2014 CHF 0.01
2013 CHF 0.01

Dividend yield contribution

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Dividend and distribution yields of ETFs
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Monthly dividends in CHF

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