ETF Securities ETFs

ETF Securities is an ETC provider entirely focused on commodities. It was established by the Australian Graham Tuckwell in 2003. Since 2017 it belongs to WisdomTree.

ETF Securities was the first to offer gold ETCs and considers itself a pioneer in exchange-traded commodities.

On a global basis, ETF Securities is among the top 3 ETC providers. Due to the success of its gold products, it has become Europe's leading provider of exchange-traded commodities.


All ETF Securities ETFs at a glance

Investment focus
4 week
52 week
Fund size
Ongoing charges
in 2019
1 year
Precious Metals
ETFS Physical Palladium
4 week development Palladium ETFs 52 week low/high Palladium ETFs 108 0.49% p.a. 17.19% 54.15%
Precious Metals
ETFS Physical PM Basket
4 week development Precious Metals Basket ETFs 52 week low/high Precious Metals Basket ETFs 110 0.44% p.a. 7.92% 14.40%
Precious Metals
ETFS EUR Daily Hedged Physical Gold
4 week development Gold (EUR Hedged) ETFs 52 week low/high Gold (EUR Hedged) ETFs 141 0.39% p.a. 3.38% -4.25%
Precious Metals
ETFS Physical Platinum
4 week development Platinum ETFs 52 week low/high Platinum ETFs 341 0.49% p.a. 5.34% -10.14%
Precious Metals
ETFS Physical Swiss Gold
4 week development Gold ETFs 52 week low/high Gold ETFs 686 0.25% p.a. 5.18% 8.53%
Precious Metals
ETFS Physical Silver
4 week development Silver ETFs 52 week low/high Silver ETFs 813 0.49% p.a. 4.75% 3.36%
Precious Metals
Gold Bullion Securities
4 week development Gold ETFs 52 week low/high Gold ETFs 2,897 0.40% p.a. 5.26% 8.39%
Precious Metals
ETFS Physical Gold
4 week development Gold ETFs 52 week low/high Gold ETFs 6,150 0.39% p.a. 5.26% 8.41%

Source:; As of 22/02/19; Calculations in EUR

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