Model portfolios

Allocation Portfolio Fees
in % p.a.
No. of Funds Vola
Nachhaltigkeit SRI Global BIP
Sustainable Portfolios
0.23% 2 13.91% 38.51%
Nachhaltigkeit ESG Screened Global BIP
Sustainable Portfolios
0.19% 2 14.16% 37.72%
Nachhaltigkeit ESG Screened Regionen BIP
Sustainable Portfolios
0.13% 4 13.74% 37.50%
Nachhaltigkeit SRI Regionen BIP
Sustainable Portfolios
0.25% 4 14.00% 38.40%
justETF Nachhaltig 50
Sustainable Portfolios
0.18% 6 7.57% 20.91%
justETF Nachhaltig 70
Sustainable Portfolios
0.21% 6 10.18% 27.90%
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