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At justETF, we provide portfolio strategies based on Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). These financial products are extremely cost efficient and allow for a broad diversification of your investment.

The execution and management of your portfolio strategy is done by yourself with the help of your broker.

All provided information is solely to help you make a better financial decision. It is not financial advice. You decide yourself, whether or not the portfolios suite your personal circumstances. If you do not feel comfortable in making such a decision, please consult a qualified financial advisor.

The portfolios are grouped in three categories: Retirement Portfolios and Expert Portfolios.


Our retirment portfolios follow an easy approach to offer a globally diversified portfolio. These are all long-term oriented investment strategies.

The core idea of the portfolios is a mixture of global equity and European bonds. The portfolios are available with and without a commodity or gold share.

All strategies have a 5 year history and therewith offer an investable benchmark for any discretionary manager.

Please choose one of the following three risk levels to learn more about the portfolios:


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In this category you find well-known portfolio approaches. Among them are strategies by Professor Weber (Arero Strategy), Dr. Kommer. Also a number of our own portfolio ideas are published here.

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