The most popular tool on is now also available in an app: search, filter and compare ETFs easily, quickly and everywhere – without registering. 

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How our ETF app supports you

Whether you want to invest in renewable energies, gold or bitcoin, in a specific country, theme or sector, or whether you are looking for the best savings plan on the MSCI World or an ETF with sustainable criteria: Our ETF app makes it easy for you to find the right ETF!  
The features of our ETF app at a glance 

Home screen: 4 ways, 1 goal

It couldn't be easier: in our ETF app you can find the right ETF in several ways.
  1. Get started straight away and enter a search term in the free text search.
  2. Use the advanced search with filters
  3. Let yourself be inspired by countless investment guides as a quick start to popular themes and indices.
  4. Refer to the list of the top performing ETFs on the home screen as another starting point.
justETF App Home screen

ETF filter: Filter as you wish

Use our filter search to easily find the right ETF – whether for a one-off investment or your ETF savings plan. Click on the magnifier below, enter a search term or simply filter according to various criteria such as
  • asset class
  • distribution type
  • fund size
  • and much more.
You can sort the search results as you wish.
justETF App ETF Filter

ETF profiles: Inform & trade

The ETF profile of each ETF provides you with all the important information about an ETF: Find out more about its
  • performance
  • composition
  • distributions
  • costs
  • and other key figures.
For those who need more, we have also provided direct links to important documents.
Have you found a suitable ETF? You can switch directly to your broker via the "Buy" and "Sell" buttons.
justETF App ETF Profiles

ETF investment guides: Everything on a specific topic

Our investment guides are the perfect starting point for browsing or comparing ETFs for popular investment themes. In a compact summary, you can find valuable information on all available ETFs on topics such as Cyber Security, Hydrogen or the MSCI World and compare them with each other.
justETF App ETF investment guides

Top ETF rankings: The best ETFs

Which ETFs are currently performing best? Our popular top ETF ranking gives you a quick overview.
justETF App Top ETF Rankings

Watchlist: Save your favourite ETFs with one click

Mark your favourite ETFs with a star to save them in your watchlist so that you can track and compare their performance at any time.
justETF App Watchlist
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Download our ETF app now and find the right ETF with our ETF search.

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