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Strategy builder for ETF portfolios

Our strategy builder allows you to create intuitively investment strategies. Step by step, our system guides you to a globally diversified portfolio. After defining the degree of risk within your portfolio, you choose from different templates for equity, bond and commodity strategies.

With the professional mode, you create any individual ETF strategy you like. We also provide strategy templates in this mode. We tried to make the ETF selection as comfortable as possible with numerous search filters and comparison options.

Our system supports portfolios in euro (EUR), Swiss francs (CHF), British pounds sterling (GBP) and US dollar (USD).

Strategy builder for ETF portfolios

ETF screener and comparisons

Compare ETFs based on return, fee and risk parameters, independent of the interest of ETF providers. There are multiple filter criteria you can use to define your own universe.

Chart comparison for user-defined time periods with just a click. Even for individual ETF selections.

For main investment cases, we provide index comparisons to find the right index easily.

ETF screener and comparisons

Watchlist for your favourite ETFs

Save time doing your market analysis with a watchlist and comments for your favourite ETFs.

The watchlist is available in the ETF search and allows one click list and chart comparisons.

Use the watchlist as a reminder list for yourself or share it with your friends.

ETF watchlist

Convenient order list

Our system automatically calculates all necessary buy and sell orders to execute your strategy as planned. You receive a practical order list to replicate your strategy in your brokerage account at any bank.

Simulate the impact of order fees and challenge each decision on its economics.

Convenient order list and easy order export

Up-to-date analysis and monthly portfolio report

Receive up-to-date online reports for portfolios and savings plans. You see at a glance where and how you are invested. Our visuals make it intuitive to assess diversification, cost and risk.

Our monthly status report informs you about the latest development of your portfolio.

Keep track of your investment decisions in a journal. Your comments on portfolio changes or market insights are flagged right in your performance chart. Just where you need it.

Up-to-date analysis and monthly portfolio report

Easy administration of orders and deposits

The transaction-based portfolio management system allows you to create your past transactions and edit them anytime. The virtual bookkeeping provides the flexibility to just simulate ETF strategies or track the development of your real account.

Especially helpful is the automatic booking of planned orders, dividend payments and savings plan rates.

Easy administration of orders and deposits
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

No. By signing up for justETF under www.justetf.com/uk/registration.html you create a free user account.

No. justETF is purely virtual and provides you comfort with administering your portfolio. At no point, we will ask you for your bank account number or access to it.

You determine the degree of reality yourself. You execute your investing ideas on your own at your broker. Based on your planned strategy, you can print an orderlist or - if you are based in Germany - can transfer order information to your broker.

Yes, you can. justETF makes it easy to enter existing portfolios. You find more information on it in our tutorial on transactions. (Login required)

First you need to set up a justETF free user account under www.justetf.com/uk/registration.html. As a free user, you can choose a subscription plan in the login area under Settings.

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