60/40 Global Reference Portfolio [.6040REF]

Portfolio Description

Elston Portfolio Code .6040REF

Portfolio Objective
Basic global portfolio for maximum diversification with minimum number of holdings

Porfolio construction
1. Fixed 60/40 global equity/bond allocation
2. DM+EM equities, global aggregate bonds
3. 2-line portfolio

Key Points
1. Reference portfolio
2. Broad diversification within asset classes
3. 2-line portfolio to reduce trading costs

About Elston Model Portfolios
Elston Model Portfolios are research portfolios developed for asset owners and asset managers.
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Fund fees
Return 1 year
Volatility 1 year
No. of funds
Risk category
Allocation in detail
Asset class / Fund name Chart 4 weeks TER
in % p.a.
in %
Equity, World
Show fund selection
Chart 4 weeks 0.25% 60.00%
Bonds, World, Aggregate, All maturities
Show fund selection
Chart 4 weeks 0.10% 40.00%
Portfolio   0.19% 100.00%
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