ISIN CH0014420878

What ETF is UBS SIMA CF in?

 There are 2 ETFs which contain UBS SIMA CF. All of these ETFs are listed in the table below. The ETF with the largest weighting of UBS SIMA CF is the UBS ETF (CH) SXI Real Estate Funds (CHF) A-dis.
ETF Weight Investment focus Holdings TER Fund size (in m EUR) Return 1Y
UBS ETF (CH) SXI Real Estate Funds (CHF) A-dis 16.72%
Real Estate
42.00 0.97% 1,005 8.79%
UBS ETF (CH) SXI Real Estate (CHF) A-dis 12.33%
Real Estate
58.00 0.79% 288 8.67%
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