Our 7 values & guiding principles

We strongly believe that everyone can successfully grow their wealth with ETFs. Therefore, it is our mission to make ETF investing simple. These values guide us every day on this journey.
1. We are ETF ambassadors.
We want to encourage everyone not to leave their money unattended: ETFs are an easy, cost-effective and clever way to invest. Every day, we work hard to deliver this message. In everything we do, we are ETF ambassadors.
2. We value each other.
No one can accomplish this mission alone. People are all we’ve got to bring ETFs to people. Everyone matters. We enable each other to be successful. We encourage each other. We value each other’s opinion and time.
3. We put in high efforts for high quality. 
justETF is known as a competent, reliable and trustworthy source to provide financial information: because we base our work on fact-checking and common sense. We thrive to be experts in our field to provide sound high quality results.
4. We have a positive can-do mindset. 
We always start with a yes. We see problems as opportunities. We act with commitment, pace and effectiveness.  We put justETF’s users first and our ego second. 
5. We act with respect. 
We respect each other and treat each other with empathy.  We are transparent and honest with each other. We are driven by our values and keep to our company rules. We are mindful with resources – ours, others, financial. And we see criticism as a great way to improve ourselves.
6. We live ownership.
We have an entrepreneurial mindset: Everyone of us is the driver of their tasks. We complete them as if it were our own company. To make things happen. To get things done. To drive the growth of justETF.
7. And last but not least: Happytude.
We believe that the happiest employees deliver the best results. We know that work can sometimes be challenging.  But most of the time it should also be one thing:  Rewarding. And enjoyable.