European Football Championship: This is how we set up our ETF team

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The European Football Championship is coming up - and we have been thinking about what an "ETF team" would look like. Would it be enough for the title?

European Football Championship: This is how we set up our ETF team
The road to success
As millions of people come together to enjoy good-natured sporting rivalry in Germany 2024, it inspired us to think about the side we’d choose if there was an Investing Championship
Of course, we’d be Team ETF but – if you were managing your home side – what lineup would you select to shoot you to glory?
Here are our picks to take on Europe.

Tactical analysis

We’re opting for a 5-3-2 set-up which has the advantage of being conservative when you’re under pressure, but can quickly transform into a highly attacking formation when the opportunity presents itself.
Still, we know that great teams are built from the back so let’s think about our defensive line first.


Our three central defender positions are filled by Short, Medium, and Long Bonds – an established club partnership from Core Euro Government Bond ETF.
Forming a defensive wall in front of long-serving Cash in goal, this trio provide stability, and are the ones most likely to make a timely clearance up the pitch when we’re under the cosh.
As for the wingback roles, Gold and Index Linked Bonds slot in here. Primarily defensive in temperment, these two add width to the side and will spend much of the match going up and down on the flanks.


With five at the back, we’ve opted for an attacking midfield and another club partnership – this time from MSCI World ETF.
Our World ETF stars are crowd-favourites of the US, Europe, and Asia-Pacific who are very much the engine of the side.
Naturally, the one to watch is captain and playmaker, the US, who usually sets the tempo for the whole team.
If the US is having a good game then you can see the confidence levels soar throughout the side and everything just clicks on the pitch.


Having chosen a team of proven pedigree elsewhere, our forward line is possibly more controversial.
Most of our striker options have struggled for form this season but we’re sticking with the mercurial Emerging Markets (EM).
Yes, we know that EM can go missing for long periods, has a volatile temperament, and some of their runs lead down blind alleys. But, on their day, they can be absolutely brilliant.
We always want EM in our side because you never know when they’re going to drive home a top-corner belter – and we need someone with that in their locker.
More debatable is our late recall for Energy Sector.
After a slump in 2023, this player set off real fireworks in the first half of 2024, which is why he was surprisingly able to jump on the European Championship bandwagon.
Obviously, Energy Sector plays an old-school oil and gas game and is very much not the future of the squad. But sometimes you’ve just got to pick your in-form players when you need a result.
So Energy Sector makes the team while up-and-comer Clean Energy starts on the bench.
Clean Energy is a superstar in the making and will definitely be thrown into the fray when Energy Sector flags. But perhaps this tournament has come a little too early for the young industry.
But they will get some game-time, so maybe they’ll claim a spot in the starting lineup later. We certainly expect to take some stick in the manager’s press conference about this decision if early results don’t go our way.


One ETF that won’t be travelling with the team is Junk Bonds. Yes, they’ve occasionally put in a performance, but they’re just as likely to be sent off for a studs-up challenge on their own side. Ultimately, they’re a past-their-prime, fringe player that doesn't fit into our system. They’re out of the squad.

Up the ETFs!

So that’s our selection to represent Team ETF versus the Rest of Europe. It’s a strong team of established veterans that work well together. Not a bunch of big-name galacticos that flatter to deceive!
Our side may be thrown onto the defensive at times but they’re proven winners that can get a result when it matters.
So break out your vuvuzelas, pull on your team’s shirt, and let’s hope football and investing is the winner in 2024.
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