Portfolio performance

Analyse the performance of your portfolio on a total portfolio level, asset class level or ETF level. Get a grasp on your portfolio, the diversification and the value added of individual ETFs or ETCs.


Performance chart

Select the desired observation period for the performance analysis of your portfolio. Please use the predefined periods or define any time period by using the calendar.
Use options below the chart to analyse your portfolio at different levels. In addition to the relative change, you can also display the absolute change or the market values. Move your mouse over the chart to display the individual data points.
Click a value on the legend to hide it. Click again, to undo.
Learn more about benchmark comparison

Learn more about portfolio comparison


Performance attribution analysis

The table below the graph gives you detailed information on your investment success. Analyse which contribution an asset class and each position had to your portfolio. The values in the table are updated automatically according to the time period you have chosen for the chart.

Percentage change (rate of return)

The percentage change gives you the time-weighted rate of return. For longer periods, the daily return factors are multiplied. The time-weighted return is the prefered method by many experts to compare investment returns.

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