The best IPO ETFs

How to invest in IPOs using ETFs

0.65% p.a.
annual total expense ratio (TER) of IPO ETFs
on recently listed stocks, which is tracked by ETFs
on recently listed stocks
The best indices for IPO ETFs

How do I invest in stocks that have been listed recently?

An initial public offering (IPO) marks the first listing of shares of a company on a stock exchange. New or existing shares are listed on the stock exchange to be traded there in the future. Depending on the sector and the market period, investors hope for an increase in share prices right from the start. For almost all stock market indices the IPO event is not relevant: Usually, stocks are included in an index at least a few months after the IPO, and often in multiple stages and not at once. By doing so, index providers try to avoid the initial phase of orientation and high volatility.

A few index providers nevertheless offer access to shares that are in the early listing phase after the IPO. Participation in the subscription of new shares even before the IPO is not possible for passive investment instruments, though.

In this investment guide, you will find all ETFs that focus on IPOs.
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IPOX Schuster US 100 performance

1 month: 8.07%
1 year: 6.96%
3 years: -11.91%
5 years: 48.76%

IPO ETFs in comparison

The most important factors at a glance

When choosing an IPO ETF one should consider several other factors in addition to the methodology of the underlying index and performance of an ETF. For better comparison, you will find a list of all IPO ETFs with details on size, cost, age, income, domicile and replication method ranked by fund size.

Compare all IPO ETFs in detail
Compare all IPO ETFs in a chart

  Fund size
in m EUR
in %
Use of profits Fund domicile Replication method
First Trust US IPO Index UCITS ETF AccIE00BYTH6238 7 0.65% p.a. Accumulating Ireland Full replication

Source:; As of 07.12.23


Return comparison of all IPO ETFs

The table shows the returns of all IPO ETFs in comparison. All return figures are including dividends as of month end. Besides the return the reference date on which you conduct the comparison is important. In order to find the best ETFs, you can also perform a chart comparison.

ETF   1 month
in %
3 months
in %
6 months
in %
1 year
in %
3 years
in %
First Trust US IPO Index UCITS ETF Acc 11.45% -0.60% 5.97% -2.47% -14.24%
ETF   2023
in %
in %
in %
in %
in %
First Trust US IPO Index UCITS ETF Acc 9.10% -31.45% 12.01% 35.01% 32.55%

Source:; As of 30.11.23; Calculations in EUR including dividends