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Make more out of your money – with ETFs.
  • Independently – without a bank advisor.
  • Simple – without much financial knowledge.
  • Long-term success – without gambling.
At justETF, you will find everything you need: the broadest ETF knowledge, the most helpful tools and the best ETF search. We are the largest ETF portal in Europe and the first choice for all do-it-yourself investors.
What we stand for
  ETFs made simple. 
There is something that drives us. A firm conviction for which we give our best every day. It is that ETFs are the best way to build up wealth in an uncomplicated, long-term and effortless manner.
  ETFs for life.
We believe in buy-and-hold and patience when it comes to investing – this will pay off, for example in your retirement provision. We will accompany you on this path.
  ETFs for all.
Whether your budget is large or modest, whether you are young or old: thanks to ETFs, you can take your finances into your own hands – without needing much knowledge or time. We empower you to make your own investment decisions.

What we do

How can you invest in ETFs if you have never traded before? Which ETF is the most suitable for you? And what are the nuances to consider when it comes to taxes?
Answers to these and other questions can be found at justETF. Here you will find everything you need to facilitate ETF investing - regardless of whether you are starting out or an experienced ETF investor.
  • Our mission: We make ETF investing simple. To give you the opportunity to grow your wealth – for your retirement provision, for example.
  • Our DNA: With justETF, we have created the largest platform around ETFs under the motto "ETFs made simple".
  • Our product: We are the first choice for do-it-yourself investors. We offer you practical tools for investing with ETFs, ETF portfolios and lots of helpful content on the web and in our justETF app. And not only there: we also accompany you from A to Z on YouTube and Instagram.
We have set out to inspire people for ETFs beyond Germany's borders: In addition to Germany, we are kick-starting the ETF revolution in Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, Spain, the Netherlands, the UK, Belgium and Luxembourg. 
What we offer 
Search, filter and compare ETFs easily, quickly and everywhere – without registering.
From ETF essentials to deep dive topics: In our Academy section you can read up on ETF knowledge.
With the justETF newsletter, we expand your ETF knowledge a little further every month. 
How we finance ourselves
As an ETF consumer portal, it is important for us to provide you with all the data, tools and expertise you need to invest in ETFs. To achieve this, we pour a lot of energy and passion into our work.
We finance ourselves through premium memberships, advertising and affiliate links for the creation of brokerage accounts. You can find these affiliate links, for example, in our online broker comparison.
We only receive commission from the respective broker you have chosen to open your new brokerage account with. If you like our content and would like to support us, we would be pleased if you use the provided affiliate links when opening a brokerage account. Thank you very much! 
Who is behind us
justETF was founded in 2011 by Dominique and Petra Riedl. Since 2021, we are part of the Scalable Group.
We share the same mission with Scalable Capital: to empower everyone to invest and build wealth.
This enables us to continue our mission: to educate you on ETFs and provide you with all the necessary expertise, data and tools.
In order to avoid conflicts of interest, since day one
  • we use neutral, objectively comprehensible criteria for all comparisons, articles and tests, as well as transparently present our evaluation criteria.
  • we place the utmost importance on the fact that YOU alone decide how and with whom you invest.
Just as important: We are and remain independent of ETF providers and thus are able to present you with an objective overview of the entire European ETF market.
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