Introduction to the ETF search

Which ETFs are available in the ETF search?

The justETF database contains all ETFs and physically-backed ETCs approved for sale in Europe. The ETF search displays by default all the ETFs that have distribution rights for your chosen country of origin and your investor type.

ETF Search: country of origin

Default ETF search settings

Stock exchange listing on domestic exchange
By default, all ETFs with an exchange listing in your country of origin are displayed in the ETF search. This means, as user from UK, you can see all ETFs which are traded on London Stock Exchange.

You can cancel this default settings at any time by selecting additional stock exchanges in the filter ETF listing or by choosing "Show all listings".  

ETF Search: Default settings
Separation of long-only ETFs and short & leveraged ETFs
Another pre-setting is that in ETF search long-only ETFs are strictly separated from short or leveraged ETFs. This means that only long-only ETFs are displayed by default. These are ETFs, which track the index performance 1:1. All ETFs that map an index in a leveraged fashion or inverse development can be found in the category "Short & Leveraged ETFs".
  ETF Search: Long-Only ETFs
Be careful with short and leveraged
Short and leveraged ETFs are not suitable for the long-term investment and are very risky. We recommend that you review the functionality of short and leveraged ETFs in detail and carefully consider whether these products are suitable for your investment strategy.

Special filter criteria for asset classes

Search by region, country or theme
In addition to the general filter criteria, further special filters are available for each asset class. You can narrow the search results geographically by region or country for equity and real estate as well as for bonds.

If you are looking for an ETF investing in an entire region, use the "Region" filter. The "Country" filter, on the other hand, filters only for ETFs investing in a single country. Both criteria are mutually exclusive.
  ETF search: special filters for stocks
Search for bond type, maturity or rating
For the asset class bonds, you can also use special filters such as currency, bond type, maturity and rating.
  ETF search: Special filters for bonds
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