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The number of ETFs in the European market is growing from year to year. Our ETF Screener helps you to quickly find ETFs that match your investment strategy. To narrow down the eligible ETFs step by step, you can use our convenient filter features. As long as no filter has been selected, all ETFs listed on the home exchange, e.g. the London Stock Exchange, will be displayed. By selecting a filter, you can narrow down your selection accordingly.


Special filter criteria for asset classes

Filter your ETF selection by "Asset class". In addition to "Equity ETFs", "Bonds", "Precious Metals", "Commodity", "Real Estate" and "Money Market" ETFs are also available.


Equity ETFs: Search by region, country or topic

You can limit the range of equity ETFs geographically by region or country. If you are looking for an ETF that invests in an entire region, use the filter "Region". The filter "Country", on the other hand, only returns ETFs that invest in a single country. Both criteria are mutually exclusive.

Alternatively, you can filter ETFs by "Sector" or narrow the selection down to ETFs that track a particular equity strategy, such as "Dividends" or "Small cap". Furthermore, you can filter for specific investment themes like water or artificial intelligence.

In addition to individual sectors, you can limit your search to "All Sectors" and "No Sectors". In the latter case, only search results that are not explicitly assigned to a single sector are displayed. In the "Equity Strategy" and "Theme" filter criteria, you can also choose "No Equity Strategy" or "No theme", respectively, to achieve just that effect.
Tip: In our ETF overview by categories and topics, you can quickly get to your desired ETF!

Search by region, country or topic


Bonds: Search by bond type, maturity or rating

For bond ETFs, you can choose from the region and country criteria as well as special filters such as "Currency", "Bond Type", "Maturity", "Bond Rating" and "Bond Strategy".

Bond ETFs are categorised by maturity in our search function. Classification is via the bond with the longest maturity in the index tracked by an ETF. If an ETF tracks an index of bonds in all maturity bands, it will be sorted into the all maturities category.

Search by bond type, maturity or rating


Commodities: Different segments

In the commodities area, you can divide the ETFs further by segments. In addition to "Broad market", you may also select "Industrial Metals" and "Agriculture", for example, if respective products are available.


Real Estate: Regions and Countries

Real Estate ETFs can be divided into ETFs that invest in individual countries or entire regions. Both criteria are mutually exclusive.

Money Market: Currencies of your choice

Money market ETFs are sorted according to the currencies on which the underlying money market instruments are running.


Matching indices

The "Matching indices" filter allows you to filter for a specific index. The number of available indexes is narrowed down as soon as you use another filter, such as "Asset Class".

Matching indices


Further filter criteria

You also have the option of specifying the ETF selection using additional filters.

Further filter criteria



The "age" filter criterion allows you to limit your selection to ETFs of a certain minimum age. Consequently, only ETFs whose date of issue is correspondingly far in the past are taken into account.


Use of profit

With the use of the "Profit" criterion, you can limit your ETF selection to distributing or accumulating products. You can also view the dividend yields of the ETFs.


Fund size

With the help of the "fund size" criterion, you can determine whether only ETFs with a certain minimum size should be displayed. The possible limits are 100 million GBP and 500 million GBP.


Replication method

The "Replication Method" filter allows you to limit your ETF selection to one or more replication methods. It is possible to differentiate between "Full replication", "Sampling" and "Swap-based".



With the filter criterion "Provider" you can limit your ETF selection to one or more providers.


Index family

With the filter criterion “Index Family” you can limit your ETF selection to one or more index providers, like FTSE or MSCI.


Fund domicile

With the help of the fund domicile, you can determine whether only ETFs launched in a specific country should be included in the selection. You can select only one domicile or several domiciles at the same time.


Currency hedge

The "Currency Hedging" filter allows you to limit your ETF selection to ETFs that are hedged against the selected currency. You can select only one or several currencies.


ETFs and ETCs

The ETFs and ETCs filter allows you to limit your choices to ETFs or ETCs. Consequently, only one of the product groups appears in the ETF search.
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ETF listing

With the filter criterion "ETF listing" you can determine whether ETFs that are not listed on the home exchange, e.g. the London Stock Exchange, should be displayed. You can limit your selection to one or more stock exchanges or select "show all listings".


ETF universe

By default, our ETF Screener does not show actively managed ETFs. The same applies to short and leveraged ETFs. You can view these products by selecting them in the "ETF universe" filter. Please note, however, that these products differ significantly from common ETFs and are often associated with additional risk.


Reset filters

To reset a filter, click on the "X" behind the respective filter in the filter bar or on the filter in question below the search results at the top of the table. Alternatively, you can return the result table to its original state by clicking on "Reset all filters".

Reset filters
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