Set individual alerts

Monitor your portfolio with individual alerts

If you want to get additional notifications, you can also define individual alerts in addition to the standardised portfolio monitoring alerts. You can refer to the entire portfolio, an asset class or individual ETFs. A whole range of options is available to you.

Monitor your portfolio with individual alerts


Under "Parameters" you can specify whether the warning should refer to the entire portfolio, an individual asset class or a specific ETF.


Depending on the selected parameter, you can either define the aggregate value, the weight or the quote as the decisive criterion for the warning. 

The "aggregate value" criterion is based on the value of a position in the portfolio currency (e.g. Euro).

The criterion "weight" refers to the share of a position as a percentage of the total portfolio value. You can also conveniently set the weight using the sliders in our monitoring graphic.

The "quote" criterion is the current price at which an ETF is traded.


Under "Change", you can specify when you want to receive a warning: if a change by a certain percentage takes place or if a fixed value is exceeded or short of.


Enter the desired value into the input area. If necessary, the system converts the value to a percentage. A warning is generated if the change in the selected criterion defined by you occurs for the stored parameter, i.e. if the limit value/percentage specified under "Condition" is under/exceeded.

Save/delete alerts

Click on "Save Changes" to activate the alert. You can create multiple alerts at once and save them with one click. You can delete warnings that you have created beforehand by clicking on the trashcan icon on the right-hand side of the screen.

If your rule is violated, you will be notified by email on the following day at 9 am (GMT) and you will see a warning on the Portfolio Overview.
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