How does portfolio monitoring work

Always up-to-date with e-mail alerts

The portfolio monitoring always informs you about changes in your portfolio and enables you to react quickly.

You can set up the portfolio monitoring investment limits either based on asset classes or on ETFs. In addition, you are able to define individual alerts for your portfolio, asset class or a single position within your portfolio.


General alerts based on investment limits

In the portfolio planning you have structured your asset allocation. In reality it is not possible to implement and even more keep your target asset allocation over time without adjustments. Whole shares and volatility in asset prices are the two main reasons. Monitoring is the key to do adjustments at the right time.

The philosophy of the justETF investment system is to stay as close as possible to the planned allocation over time. , because the allocation largely determines the risk of your portfolio. For example, in a market upturn your equity share might make up a larger share of your portfolio and increase risk. To prevent this, you can define monitoring ranges in which the individual asset classes may vary and get email alerts based on it.


Adjust investment limits

By default, the system defines a range of +/- 5 percentage points as investment limits to asset class weights. If you copy a portfolio template, limits will be automatically set by the template.

The investment limits can be adjusted individually by clicking or pushing the blue buttons.
Tutorial  Tutorial  Current value
The current portfolio weight (current value) of one asset class or an ETF is marked by a green box. The box turns red, when an investment limit is violated. In this case, an alert will be triggered and the monitoring informs you via e-mail.
Tutorial  Target value
The planned value of an asset class or an ETF is marked by a gray box. The target value is the portfolio weight of an asset class or an ETF, which was originally planned. In the case of a rebalancing, the system calculates the necessary buy and sell transactions in order to accurately reset the strategic allocation of the portfolio.


Set standard range

Adjust the range for all asset class or ETF investment limits at the same time. To do this, click on „Set standard range“.

Below the graph, a slider appears with which you can set the desired investment limit range. Confirm changes always with „Save changes“.


Adjust target values

After the portfolio planning of the asset allocation, the system saves automatically the target values for the portfolio rebalancing. To adjust these settings manually, click on „Plan allocation“.

If you have entered your existing portfolio manually, no values for a portfolio rebalancing exist from the start. You can enter these by clicking on „Plan allocation“. This enables you to use the portfolio rebalancing service for your existing portfolios as well.

Learn more about portfolio rebalancing


Activate or deactivate e-mail alerts

The alerts are recalculated each trading day at 10am and sent via e-mail to you, if an investment limit is violated. By clicking on „active“ or „not active“, you can deactivate or activate the alert e-mails. Tutorial
If an alert is triggered, the alert message will appear in any case on the portfolio overview page.


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