How does the portfolio simulation work

Historical simulation of performance and value contributions

The simulation allows you to historically simulate the performance of your asset allocation in the planning mode. In various charts you are able to analyse the performance as you would have already invested your investment amount in this strategy for example one year ago.

Under chart options you are able to simulate the historical performance of your portfolio on portfolio level as well as on a detailed level, such as asset class or ETF level. Moreover can use the second selectbox to choose whether the value is displayed as market value, absolute change or relative change. Additionally, you are able to freely select the time period of your simulation. However, the maximum available time period is limited to the youngest ETF in the portfolio, as the performance simulation is based on the past performance of the ETFs.

In order to hide a value temporarily from the chart, click on the position name in the chart legend.
Please note ...
Past performance is not a forecast nor a guarantee for future performance.

Benchmark comparison

Besides different interest rates, you are able to add any ETF as benchmark to the simulation. The benchmark comparison is available as line chart, bar chart or table view.

Portfolio comparison

In addition to single ETFs you are able to add each of your existing portfolios and compare the performance in detail with your new strategy. In this case, the sytem will assume the same investment amount and apply historic returns of the benchmark portfolio in its portfolio currency.

Risk cloud

In the simulation you are able to analyse all portfolio positions in a risk cloud. The bubble chart shows the annualised return and annualised risk of all portfolio positions over the selected past period.

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