Professional portfolio planning mode

Structure an individual ETF portfolio with the professional planning mode

Start the professional planning mode by clicking on the „Create New Portfolio“ button on the portfolio overview page. Please select the option „Create from scratch“.

The planning mode enables you to create a new portfolio as well as change the strategy of an existing portfolio. In the first step, you structure your asset allocation. In the second step, the system generates an order list with all necessary transactions to buy or restructure your portfolio.


Create portfolio from scratch

Create or adapt a portfolio to your needs. In the left sidebar you are able to define all necessary portfolio settings and to start the portfolio simulation.


Current and target asset allocation

The left pie chart shows your current allocation prior to your changes. The allocation of a new portfolio is always 100% cash/liquidity. The right pie chart shows your target allocation, which you are currently planning.

Below the two pie charts, you will find a detailed overview of your target asset allocation in a table. Here you can change your portfolio composition and weight of each position.

All changes will result in an immediate update of parameters and calculations for the portfolio. The simulation will be refreshed immediately as well.


Change position weight

In the columns „value“ and „weight“, you can adjust the weighting of each individual position. Please use the input fields to edit values.


Add position

Tutorial Please click the button „Add ETF“ to add a new position to your portfolio by using our ETF Search. In the ETF Search click on the „+“ button of the respective ETF or on „Add to portfolio“ on the ETF profile. Subsequently, you are redirected to the planning mode and can define in the planning table the weight in percent or the value of the position.

Alternatively, you can use the quick search in the left sidebar. Search for an ETF by name, ISIN, ticker, WKN or Valor Number.


Delete position

Delete a position from your portfolio with „x“.


Switch position: Comparison of all competing products on the same index

Replace an ETF and exchange it with a similar product. Click on the switch button to view a comparison of all competing ETFs on the same index. Use the „+“ in the comparison table to exchange a position with the chosen replacement.


Difference to the plan weight

In the table column „Diff.“ the system automatically calculates the difference between the planned and the realisable weight of a position. Realisable weight is based on basis of full shares. In many cases deviations occur, dependent on the investment amount and the quote of each ETF. So this parameter enables you to recognize deviations and adapt your strategy already in the planning stage.

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Portfolio simulation in the planning mode

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