Upgrade your subscription

Switch to justETF Premium

For more information about the status of your subscription, please have a look at the settings page. Click on the user account symbol on the right-hand side of the navigation and select “My subscription”.
Here you can see which justETF version you currently using and the current status of your membership. If you are a user of the Premium version, you can also see when your Premium subscription is extended and further details on the status of your subscription.

As a user of the Free version, you can upgrade to Premium under Settings.


Save with upgrade to the annual subscription

In the justETF Premium version, you can choose between a quarterly and a yearly subscription. For annual payment, we offer an attractive discount for Premium 5 of £ 5.00 per month and £ 60.00 per year (including VAT).
  Pricing of the Premium version
If you wish to extend the term of your subscription to one year, you can upgrade under Settings. When upgrading, the already paid fee for the remaining term of your current subscription will be credited on a pro rata basis.


Do you want more than 5 portfolios? Switch to Premium 25

If you would like to switch to Premium 25 from Premium 5, you can upgrade under Settings.
  Subscription settings Upgrade to Premium 25
In the next step you get an overview of the upgrade, its costs and and an eventual credit. The already paid fee for your current subscription will be credited on a pro rata basis, as the upgrade takes place immediately.

Here you can also check your invoice address and other payment details. To edit your data, click on “Change”.

Click on "Pay now" to complete the upgrade. All functions of Premium 25 are activated immediately.

If the Premium subscription is not cancelled, it will automatically be renewed for the selected term. A cancellation is always possible online under Settings. The notice period for a cancellation is 5 days to the end of the term. The explicit expiry date of your subscription can be found under subscription details on the settings page. All prices include the applicable VAT.
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