ZKB Platinum ETF A (CHF)

ISIN CH0183136057


Ticker ZPLA

0,50% p.a.
Volledige replicatie
423 m
  • Dit fonds heeft alleen marketingdistributierechten voor Zwitserland.


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The platinum spot price is the price of platinum in US Dollar.
The ETF's TER (total expense ratio) amounts to 0,50% p.a..
The ZKB Platinum ETF A (CHF) has 423m Euro assets under management. The ETF was launched on 9 mei 2007 and is domiciled in Zwitserland.
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Edelmetalen, Platinum
EUR 423 m
Totale kostenratio (TER)
0,50% p.a.
Replicatie Fysiek (Fysiek gedekt)
Juridische structuur ETF
Strategierisico Langdurig
Duurzaamheid No
Valuta van het fonds CHF
Valutarisico Valuta niet gedekt
Volatiliteit 1 jaar (in EUR)
Oprichtingsdatum/Noteringsdatum 9 mei 2007
Distributiebeleid Distribueren
Distributiefrequentie Jaarlijks
Vestigingsplaats van het fonds Zwitserland
Fondsaanbieder ZKB
Duitsland Geen belastingvermindering
Zwitserland ESTV Reporting
Oostenrijk Belastingrapportagefonds
UK Geen UK-rapportage
Indextype Prijsindex
Swap tegenpartij -
Collateral manager
Effectenlening No
Tegenpartij die effecten uitleent

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De rendementscijfers zijn inclusief uitkeringen/dividenden (als die er zijn). Standaard wordt het totale rendement van de ETF weergegeven.


YTD +0,42%
1 maand -2,03%
3 maanden +8,53%
6 maanden +5,48%
1 jaar -3,90%
3 jaar -5,84%
5 jaar +24,27%
Since inception -14,91%
2023 -11,14%
2022 +17,54%
2021 -3,11%
2020 +1,23%

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Huidig dividendrendement

Huidig dividendrendement -
Dividenden (laatste 12 maanden) -

Historische dividendopbrengsten

Periode Dividend in EUR Dividendrendement in %
1 jaar - -

Bijdrage dividendrendement

Maandelijkse dividenden in EUR


Risk metrics in this section:
  • Volatility, annualised, measured for 1, 3 and 5 year periods. The annualised volatility reflects the degree of price fluctuations during a one year period. The higher the volatility, the more significantly the price of the asset (stock, ETF, etc.) has changed in the past. Assets with higher volatility are generally considered more risky. We calculate the volatility based on the data for the past 1, 3 and 5 years so that you can see if price fluctuations for the ETF became stronger or weaker over time.
  • Return per risk for 1, 3 and 5 year periods. This is the annualised (i.e. converted to a one year period) past return divided by the past annualised volatility. The metric puts the historical return of an asset in relation to its historical risk and gives you a retrospective indication of the degree of price fluctuation you had to bear with in order to obtain the return. We calculate this parameter for 1, 3 and 5 year periods to display its evolution over time.
  • Maximum drawdown for a period. This shows the worst possible loss an investor could have suffered during the respective period, by first buying and subsequently selling the asset at the least favourable prices. For example, if there was the following sequence of daily ETF prices: 10€, 5€, 12€, 20€, an investor would have suffered the worst loss by buying for 10€ and subsequently selling for 5€. Therefore in this case the maximum drawdown would be (5€ - 10€)/10€ = -50%.
ETF-rendementen zijn inclusief dividenduitkeringen (indien van toepassing).
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Volatiliteit 1 jaar 21,77%
Volatiliteit 3 jaar 24,83%
Volatiliteit 5 jaar 26,95%
Rendement/Risico 1 jaar -0,18
Rendement/Risico 3 jaar -0,08
Rendement/Risico 5 jaar 0,16
Maximaal waardedaling 1 jaar -15,80%
Maximaal waardedaling 3 jaar -26,09%
Maximaal waardedaling 5 jaar -40,82%
Maximaal waardedaling sinds aanvang -64,84%

Voortschrijdende volatiliteit over 1 jaar



Beursnotering Handelsvaluta Ticker Bloomberg /
iNAV Bloomberg Code
Reuters RIC /
iNAV Reuters
Market Maker
Zürcher Kantonalbank, Zürich

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Veelgestelde vragen

What is the name of ZPLA?

The name of ZPLA is ZKB Platinum ETF A (CHF).

What is the ticker of ZKB Platinum ETF A (CHF)?

The primary ticker of ZKB Platinum ETF A (CHF) is ZPLA.

What is the ISIN of ZKB Platinum ETF A (CHF)?

The ISIN of ZKB Platinum ETF A (CHF) is CH0183136057.

What are the costs of ZKB Platinum ETF A (CHF)?

The total expense ratio (TER) of ZKB Platinum ETF A (CHF) amounts to 0,50% p.a.. These costs are withdrawn continuously from the fund assets and already included in the performance of the ETF. You don't have to pay them separately. Please have a look at our article for more information about the cost of ETFs.

What's the fund size of ZKB Platinum ETF A (CHF)?

The fund size of ZKB Platinum ETF A (CHF) is 423m Euro. See the following article for more information about the size of ETFs.

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Standaard zijn ETF-rendementen inclusief dividenduitkeringen (indien van toepassing).