Deutsche Digital Assets

Deutsche Digital Assets, founded in 2019, is headquartered in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. The products offered by Deutsche Digital Assets focus on crypto assets. The product range includes a Bitcoin and an Ethereum ETP as well as non-exchange-traded index funds that track the crypto market. Deutsche Digital Assets GmbH is backed by several venture capital companies specialising in fintech and blockchain.


Deutsche Digital Assets ETF product spectrum

Equity: 0
Bonds: 0
Precious Metals: 0
Commodities: 0
Cryptocurrencies: 3
Real estate: 0
Money market: 0
Short&Leveraged: 0
Total: 3
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All Deutsche Digital Assets ETFs at a glance

Investment focus
4 week
52 week
Fund size
Ongoing charges
in 2024
1 year
DDA Physical Ethereum ETP
4 week development Ethereum ETFs 52 week low/high Ethereum ETFs 2 0.95% p.a. 46.67% 84.43%
DDA Physical Bitcoin ETP
4 week development Bitcoin ETFs 52 week low/high Bitcoin ETFs 10 0.95% p.a. 53.70% 121.76%
DDA Crypto Select 10 ETP
4 week development MarketVector Digital Assets Max 10 VWAP Close ETFs 52 week low/high MarketVector Digital Assets Max 10 VWAP Close ETFs 15 1.69% p.a. 47.47% 106.45%

Source:; As of 21.07.24; Calculations in EUR

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