Thematic list of ETFs

ETFs allow you to invest in a wide variety of asset classes, themes, strategies, sectors, countries and regions. This means you can make your ETF selection fully in line with your convictions, preferences and risk tolerance. The following ETF lists provide you with quick access to the different categories. Here's how it works: Select the desired category and you will be directed to a list of available ETFs along with the most important key numbers for the ETF analysis.
In addition to the lists below, you can use our ETF Investment Guides and our ETF Screener to find all available ETFs of a specific category.
Category overview
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How the ETF lists work
In this overview, we have put together the most relevant links for a specific topic. The text link will take you to our investment guides or an ETF list. For some topics, you can also use the symbol to navigate directly to the filtered ETF list in our ETF Screener.

List of ETFs by asset class

Besides equity, there are other asset classes in which you can invest at low cost using ETFs. The different asset classes usually complement each other very well by reacting differently to movements on the financial markets. Therefore, diversification across asset classes is the most effective way to spread your risk. Successful asset allocation ensures that your portfolio withstands market shocks and achieves the growth you need over time. Our list provides you with quick and easy access to all available ETFs tracking a specific asset class.

ETFs on popular indices

We have compiled a list of popular indices for you. Usually, there are many ETFs available on well-known indices and, accordingly, these ETFs come at a very low cost. Find the best ETF on a particular index both quickly and easily.

ETF providers

Numerous providers offer ETFs in Europe and compete with each other. As an investor, you benefit from the price competition among ETF providers: fees are reduced all the time. However, there are differences between ETF providers: Besides large providers with many products and a large number of assets under management, there are providers that are specialised in niche and thematic ETFs. Moreover, even established asset managers such as Fidelity and Franklin Templeton have entered the ETF market.

Socially responsible ETFs

There is a broad range of indices and ETFs available for sustainable investment. However, these products can differ significantly in their general approach, which means that not all indices are equally well suited to you and your personal and ethical objectives. We have categorised the available sustainable ETFs to help you choose the right one.

Thematic ETFs

Megatrends are irresistible waves of change that transform the world permanently and on several levels – technically, economically, socially. With Megatrend ETFs, investors can benefit from these dynamics. Moreover, ETFs are also available for many other investment themes.

Equity strategies and Smart Beta ETFs

Smart Beta ETFs track indices that use other stock selection and weighting criteria than the usual market capitalisation. Smart Beta ETFs may select and weight companies according to their dividend yield, their size or certain accounting figures. The aim is to identify securities that will outperform the broad market in the future. Learn more about the different strategies and compare the available ETFs.

ETFs by sector

With sector ETFs, you invest in a specific industry. The sector classification of stocks is based on two internationally appreciated sector classification schemes: GICS or ICB.

ETFs by region

Region ETFs allow you to invest broadly diversified yet targeted in specific economic regions. Find an overview of all available region ETFs below.

ETFs by country

Country ETFs allow you to invest in stocks of single countries. A key advantage of country ETFs is that the major benchmark indices of countries are usually very cost-effective. Below we provide you with a list of all countries that are tracked by ETFs.

Bond ETFs

The bond market is even more diversified than the stock market. You will find everything from very conservative government bonds to high-risk corporate bonds. Many of the segments are covered by ETFs. Aggregate Bond ETFs offer exposure to a mixture of bond types and, thus, to entire bond markets. Find the right bond ETF with our overview.

Commodity ETFs and ETCs

With Commodity ETFs you can easily invest in commodities and participate in the performance of commodity prices. However, you should be aware that many commodity ETFs track the future price of commodities and not the spot price. For regulatory reasons, there is no ETF in the European Union that only tracks the performance of a single commodity. Instead, single commodities like gold or oil are made available for investment via an exchange-traded commodity (ETC).