How does the order list work

Comfortable order list and direct order transfer

The order list contains all buy and sell transactions that are necessary to implement your planned asset allocation. If you want, you can directly hand over the transactions to your online broker. Please note that only transactions with two shares or more are shown in the order list. This does not apply to the complete sale of a position.


Edit number of shares

In the order list, you may adjust the number of shares manually. For changes, use the input fields in the table column „Count“. Please note that any change of the number of shares will lead to a deviation from the target allocation you have planned in the first step.

Sell orders before buy orders
When executing orders at your broker, make sure to execute sell transactions before you execute buy transactions. This shall ensure a positive cash balance for buy transactions. Please ensure that you always have sufficient liquidity on your account to cope with fluctuations between the expected order amount and the actual execution.

Cash balance

The summary section helps you understand the impact of the planned sales and purchases on your account/cash. In addition, you are able to analyse how the order fees change in regard to the transaction volume and value of the portfolio.


Cash balance must always be positive

The justETF system does not allow for a negative cash balance. In order to prevent a negative balance either adjust the number of shares or create manual deposits on the transactions page. Common reason for a negative cash balance are high order fees.


Select bank (optional)

Select your bank from the list or type the name of your bank as reference for your portfolio. This allows you to set order fees and use the direct order transfer feature.


Order fee table (optional)

Tutorial To calculate the required capital for your purchases and sales as precisely as possible, you may plan with order fees. Planning with order fees also helps to estimate the efficiency of the portfolio changes.

Entering fees is optional and will be saved individually for each portfolio. By this, you have them readily available the next time you plan changes to your portfolio.

As banks and online brokers have very different fee models, you are able to declare them in different ways.

You can declare a fixed fee and a percentage fee of the order volume. You also have the opportunity to limit the total costs by declaring a minimum and a maximum amount.


Execute orders in your real account

The justETF system is purely virtual, which means none of the buy or sell transactions in your justETF user account do trigger a real transaction. justETF has no access to your brokerage account or money at any time.

In order to execute the transactions from the order list in real, you can transfer the orders to your online broker with the direct order transfer or print/save the order list and execute the orders in the usual way with your bank.


Direct order transfer to your online broker

First select your bank under „Select Bank“. The direct order transfer is available for all banks with logo.

In order to unlock the order transfer, click on „Order“. A window with legal notice will open. After accepting the disclaimer, you can pass the transactions to your online broker by clicking the „Order“ button of each single order.

By clicking the „Order“ button, you open the login screen of your online broker. After you have logged in successfully, you are automatically transferred to the order mask. Only after you have completed the order information with number of shares and all other required information and confirm the order with the usual confirmation process, the order will be executed by your broker.

After you have sent a transaction with „Order“ to your online broker, the order is set to „Done“ within the order list. If you want to pass an order for any reason twice, just click again on the button „Done“.
Order transfer is SSL secured Order information is transferred over an SSL secured connection to your online broker. justETF has no access to your brokerage account at any time, nor is aware of your login credentials, PINs or TANs at your online broker. Just clicking on the „Order“ button in the order list does not execute an order. The direct order transfer does only prefill the order mask at your online broker. An execution can only happen after you have confirmed an order with the usual confirmation procedures on the website of your online broker.

Save portfolio

With a click on the button „Save“, your portfolio is saved in the system.

All new purchases and sales are recorded virtually in your transaction list at justETF, the portfolio analysis and performance of your portfolio is updated, a new investment structure for the portfolio-rebalancing is saved, the portfolio monitoring is activated and your portfolio overview is updated.

Later on, you can always adjust the execution price for your trades on the transactions page manually.

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