How you create a new portfolio

Create a new portfolio

Click the button "Create new portfolio" on the Portfolio overview page. Afterwards, please select one of the following options to create your portfolio. In the Free version, you can create one portfolio. In the Premium version, you can create up to 5 portfolios.
Create a new portfolio:
Portfolio overview > Create new portfolio
Create a new portfolio

Professional mode: Create from scratch

Start the professional mode by choosing the option "Create from scratch". Combine a selection of ETFs from our ETF search to your portfolio and use our advanced portfolio simulation feature in the planning mode.

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Enter an existing portfolio

Create a new portfolio by entering your existing buy and sell transactions from your brokerage account. All transactions can be edited at any time on the transactions page.

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Difference between a portfolio and a savings plan

A savings plan is a portfolio based on fractional shares. A normal portfolio only allows for whole shares.

Another difference between the two portfolio types: In a savings plan, the savings instalments are automatically booked virtually for you by the system at the defined times.

Virtual accounting

The entire justETF system works virtually. This means that no real transaction takes place when you buy or sell in your justETF user login. justETF has no access to your real securities account or your money at any time. You receive an order list from the portfolio planning and decide for yourself whether you implement the orders at your bank or only track the portfolio or savings plan virtually at justETF. Currently, direct order transfer is only available for normal orders (one-off investment) and not for setting up a savings plan with the online broker. If you want to implement your savings plan in real terms, you can do this via the order mask of your online broker.

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