Dividend payouts

Automatic booking of dividend payouts

The dividend payouts of a fund are automatically booked by the system virtually on the Ex-day. The Ex-day is the day, on which the course of ETFs was cleaned out for the dividend payout. The actual dividend payout to a real account takes place at a later point of time.

justETF: Automatic booking of dividend payouts

Process Dividend payout

You can change the automatically booked dividend payouts at any time. Thus you can align the value of the dividend payout or the accrued tax at any point of time.

  justETF: Bearbeiten von Ausschüttungen
Click on “X” in order to reset the dividend payout manually aligned by you again to the automatic mode.
  justETF: Ausschüttungen

Save Tax rate for Dividend payouts

A default tax rate of 26.375% is saved for every portfolio. The saved tax rate is automatically considered in the booking of dividend payouts.
For portfolio settings:
Portfolio overview > Actions > Settings

You can adjust the tax rate at any time under portfolio settings. Set the tax rate on 0% when you want to view your repository without tax consideration. All dividend payouts are calculated again with the new tax rate with each change in the tax rate.

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