Negative cash balance

How to resolve a negative cash balance

The system does not allow a negative cash balance.

In rare cases, however, the portfolio might have a negative cash balance in its history. In this case, you receive the warning "negative cash balance" on the transaction page.

You have several options to fix a negative cash balance in your portfolio history. In the following we suggest solutions how to adjust a critical transaction on the negative cash day (see warning message) or which new transaction you might need to add on that day.

The warning message shows the day on which the cash balance in your portfolio became negative and by what amount. Please use these two details to resolve the negative cash balance in your portfolio.

How to resolve negative cash balance

Withdrawal > Adjust withdrawal amount

If there is a withdrawal on the date mentioned, reduce the withdrawal by the amount specified.


Deposit > Adjust deposit amount

If there is a deposit on the date mentioned, increase the deposit by the amount specified.


Buy transaction > Create deposit (or adjust buy transaction)

If there is a buy transaction on the date mentioned, manually create a new deposit on that day over the amount specified. Alternatively, you can also reduce the purchase amount by reducing the number of shares bought.

For more information about how to create or edit transactions manually, see our tutorial on Deposit/Withdrawal.
Important notice:
It is important to note that the transaction types deposit/withdrawal and buy/sell transaction always have a direct impact on the cash balance. In contrast, the transaction types "Delivery" or "Dispatch" have no effect on the cash position.
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