How you create a new portfolio

Create a new portfolio

Click the button "Create New Portfolio" on the portfolio overview page. Afterwards, please select one of the following options to create your portfolio.

Create a new portfolio

Strategy Builder

The strategy builder helps you to create step by step a broadly diversified global portfolio. You will find a number of predefined asset class strategies which you can assemble to your individual asset allocation.

The ETF selection will be supported by our ETF-Finder with the option to filter for largest, cheapest and oldest ETF. You are also able to view all competing products in a comparison view to verify your selection.


Professional mode: Create from scratch

Start the professional mode by choosing the option "Create from scratch". Combine a selection of ETFs from our ETF search to your individual portfolio and use our advanced portfolio simulation feature in the planning mode.

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Enter an existing portfolio

Create a new portfolio by entering your existing buy and sell transactions from your brokerage account. All transactions can be edited at any time on the transactions page.

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Difference between a portfolio and a savings plan

A savings plan is a portfolio based on fractional shares. A normal portfolio only allows for whole shares. Another difference between the two portfolio types is the ability of a savings plan to automatically book regular payments into your portfolio with the respective transactions. So you only define the asset allocation once and the system books virtual transactions in the respective ETFs according to your savings interval.


Virtual accounting

The justETF portfolio system is a purely virtual bookkeeping system. That said, no buy or sell transaction in your user account is executed as a real transaction. justETF has at no point access to your brokerage account or your money. In the second step of the portfolio planner, you are provided with an order list and it is up to you, if you wish to execute the orders in your real account at your bank or if you want to follow a virtual portfolio on justETF. The provided order button within the system solely prefills the order information at your bank website.

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