ETC Group

ETC Group is an independent provider of ETPs on cryptocurrencies. In 2020, ETC Group was the first company to list a Bitcoin ETP on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and making it tradable on Xetra. In 2023, the provider listed for the first time a diversified crypto ETP on an MSCI Digital Assets Index. ETC Group's products are 100 per cent backed by the underlying digital assets at all times. Domicile and regulatory supervision are in Germany. All partners operating within ETC Group product structures are regulated financial institutions.


All ETC Group ETFs at a glance

Investment focus
4 week
52 week
Fund size
Ongoing charges
in 2023
1 year
ETC Group Physical Polkadot
4 week development Polkadot ETFs 52 week low/high Polkadot ETFs 0 1.95% p.a. -7.14% -42.77%
ETC Group Physical Polygon
4 week development Polygon (MATIC) ETFs 52 week low/high Polygon (MATIC) ETFs 0 1.95% p.a. -32.18% -35.87%
ETC Group Physical Cardano
4 week development Cardano ETFs 52 week low/high Cardano ETFs 0 1.95% p.a. 0.00% -50.67%
ETC Group Physical XRP
4 week development Ripple (XRP) ETFs 52 week low/high Ripple (XRP) ETFs 1 1.95% p.a. 49.25% 5.74%
ETC Group Physical Solana
4 week development Solana ETFs 52 week low/high Solana ETFs 1 1.95% p.a. 103.45% -44.51%
ETC Group MSCI Digital Assets Select 20 ETP
4 week development MSCI Global Digital Assets Select Top 20 Capped ETFs 52 week low/high MSCI Global Digital Assets Select Top 20 Capped ETFs 1 1.49% p.a. - -
ETC Group Physical Litecoin
4 week development Litecoin ETFs 52 week low/high Litecoin ETFs 5 2.00% p.a. -3.99% 11.15%
ETC Group Physical Ethereum
4 week development Ethereum ETFs 52 week low/high Ethereum ETFs 60 1.49% p.a. 32.78% 14.26%
ETC Group Physical Bitcoin
4 week development Bitcoin ETFs 52 week low/high Bitcoin ETFs 601 2.00% p.a. 59.69% 27.16%

Source:; As of 24.09.23; Calculations in EUR

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