GPF Metals

The provider GPF Metals ("Global Palladium Fund") offers physically backed metal ETCs. Starting with a gold ETC and industrial metals such as silver and platinum, copper and nickel ETCs are also offered. GPF Metals belongs to the globally active Russian mining and metals company Norilsk Nickel.


GPF Metals ETF product spectrum

Equity: 0
Bonds: 0
Precious Metals: 4
Commodities: 2
Cryptocurrencies: 0
Real estate: 0
Money market: 0
Short&Leveraged: 0
Total: 6
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Investment focus
4 week
52 week
Fund size
Ongoing charges
in 2022
1 year
Precious Metals
GPF Physical Platinum ETC
4 week development Platinum ETFs 52 week low/high Platinum ETFs 4 0.20% p.a. 0.00% -
Precious Metals
GPF Physical Palladium ETC
4 week development Palladium ETFs 52 week low/high Palladium ETFs 4 0.20% p.a. -6.42% -
Precious Metals
GPF Physical Silver ETC
4 week development Silver ETFs 52 week low/high Silver ETFs 4 0.20% p.a. -0.10% -
Commodities Industrial Metals
GPF Physical Nickel ETC
4 week development Nickel ETFs 52 week low/high Nickel ETFs 8 0.75% p.a. 5.46% -
Precious Metals
GPF Physical Gold ETC
4 week development Gold ETFs 52 week low/high Gold ETFs 14 0.12% p.a. -0.38% -
Commodities Industrial Metals
GPF Physical Copper ETC
4 week development Copper ETFs 52 week low/high Copper ETFs 42 0.85% p.a. 1.41% -

Source:; As of 15.01.22; Calculations in EUR

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