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16.02.21 | Asset allocation

Asset Allocation: choosing the right asset mix for your ETF portfolio

How to choose the right asset allocation for you so that you achieve your goals and minimise the risk you take.
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12.10.21 | Asset allocation

An introduction to the main asset classes for ETF investors

Equities are not the only asset class for ETF investors. ETFs in particular enable you to construct a diversified portfolio of different kinds of assets more cheaply and easily than ever.
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03.05.23 | ETF portfolio strategies

Commodities and Inflation

Fresh evidence sheds new light on investing’s most misunderstood asset class and its power as an inflation hedge
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11.07.23 | ETF basics

Make the right ETF selection: tips and tricks

Which ETF is the right one for me? What criteria should be considered when choosing an ETF? Tips and tricks for ETF selection.
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20.01.23 | ETF portfolio strategies

Inflation and Gold: The case for holding Gold in difficult times

When Gold works against inflation and why it can succeed when equities and bonds fall.
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31.01.21 | Asset allocation

How much risk should you take?

"How much risk do I want to take in investing my money?" Many investors ask themselves this question. We show you how to determine your personal risk tolerance and put together the portfolio that suits you best.
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16.09.22 | ETF trading

The best way to beat inflation

High inflation chews up cash in the bank whereas investing can help you increase your spending power over time. So how should you fight inflation with ETFs?
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16.04.18 | Investment themes

What sort of sector ETFs are available?

As always with ETFs it's important to know about the indices being tracked by sector ETFs in order to understand what you're buying into.
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12.10.22 | Investing

7 reasons why Warren Buffett thinks you should be an index investor

Discover why the Oracle of Omaha champions index investing. Plus, how to implement his advice using low-cost ETFs.
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20.02.23 | ETF trading

Do rising interest rates crush equity returns?

Conventional wisdom says rate hikes are bad news for investors. And so it was in 2022. But is this always true? Should ETF savers run for cover?
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09.11.22 | Bond ETFs

Rising yields: why bond pain means long-term gain

Bonds have been on a bad run despite their reputation for stability. This article explains why bonds don’t always work, why they’re still useful, and how the short-term pain translates into long-term gain.
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03.07.23 | Equity indices

MSCI Vs FTSE: Which is the best index provider?

An ETF’s results depend on its index. We explain the differences between the two major global index providers and why you shouldn’t mix the two.
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29.06.23 | Investing

11 tips to save 100 Euro more into an ETF saving plan

How can we find more money to invest when our incomes are under more pressure than ever? Thankfully, there are many creative life-hacks you can use to free up cash.
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11.09.23 | Expert knowledge on ETFs

Create your own ETF Savings plan: The ultimate guide

Investing regularly in the market is a very smart and effective way to build up a nice little fortune.
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02.08.21 | How ETFs work

Return calculation in the spotlight: Only the time-weighted return ensures comparability

The comparability of returns is the basis for any investment decision. Only if the returns of various investments and portfolios are objectively comparable, you can make the right decision. We explain the differences between the various calculation methods and why the time-weighted return is the best choice.
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18.10.18 | ETF news

justETF Market Watch – Review 3rd quarter of 2018

2018 has so far been a mediocre year for investors. While developed market equities returned good profits, emerging market equities and gold disappointed.
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07.09.23 | Asset allocation

Diversification protects your portfolio

Diversification can reduce risk across your portfolio by spreading your investments across asset classes, regions, sectors and securities.
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19.05.22 | Equity indices

MSCI index classification and how they divide up the world

Many ETFs track MSCI indices. But who is MSCI and how does its view of the world impact your portfolio?
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28.03.23 | Expert knowledge on ETFs

10 things most people don’t know about ETFs

What’s the most popular ETF in Europe? How much should you be paying for an ETF? Why is that mysterious UCITS tag really important? Level-up your knowledge with our ETF factoid blitz.
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26.08.16 | Investing

20 years in retrospect: What would be the value of my portfolio today?

How did a simple stock-bond portfolio develop in the past 20 years? Let’s just imagine that you already had access to cost-effective ETFs and you had invested in a long-term Buy & Hold Portfolio 20 years back.
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11.11.22 | ETF trading

The 9 best moves that will make you a better investor

Cultivate these proven investing habits and you will reach your goals
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24.07.23 | ETF trading

How to persuade friends and family to invest in ETFs

We all know what it’s like to try and fail to convince a loved one to invest. Here are some ideas to help them see how ETFs could change their life
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30.03.23 | ETF portfolio strategies

How to get a globally diversified portfolio with just one ETF

There are thousands of funds to choose from. But there’s a simple hack that cuts through the problem: it’s called a World Index ETF.
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17.10.18 | Investing

Designing an ETF portfolio withdrawal strategy

Taking a sustainable income from your portfolio is more complicated than accumulating it in the first place. What are your options?
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27.04.18 | ETF trading

Does the price of an ETF matter?

ETFs that track the same index can have very different prices, but what does that actually tell you?
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