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11.10.21 | Asset allocation

An introduction to the main asset classes for ETF investors

Equities are not the only asset class for ETF investors. ETFs in particular enable you to construct a diversified portfolio of different kinds of assets more cheaply and easily than ever.
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17.10.18 | ETF news

justETF Market Watch – Review 3rd quarter of 2018

2018 has so far been a mediocre year for investors. While developed market equities returned good profits, emerging market equities and gold disappointed.
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06.09.23 | Asset allocation

Diversification protects your portfolio

Diversification can reduce risk across your portfolio by spreading your investments across asset classes, regions, sectors and securities.
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08.01.24 | Asset allocation

Asset Allocation: choosing the right asset mix for your ETF portfolio

How to choose the right asset allocation for you so that you achieve your goals and minimise the risk you take.
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29.08.23 | ETF basics

Exchange-traded funds: What is an ETF?

With ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds), you can invest in shares easily and cheaply and build up assets over the long term. An ETF is an exchange-traded index fund that tracks the performance of well-known market indices one-to-one.
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13.05.24 | Asset allocation

How to implement the Core-Satellite strategy with ETFs

The Core-Satellite strategy boosts a Buy and Hold portfolio with exotic ‘satellite’ asset classes that have the potential to enhance risk-adjusted returns
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02.05.23 | ETF portfolio strategies

Commodities and Inflation

Fresh evidence sheds new light on investing’s most misunderstood asset class and its power as an inflation hedge
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10.07.23 | ETF basics

How do ETFs work?

Exchange-Traded Funds enable you to gain diversified exposure to a stock market or sub-sector by investing in just one security.
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19.12.18 | Investing

ETF portfolios versus active fund portfolios - who wins?

Less than 20% of active fund managers beat their benchmark index according to the persistent findings of the SPIVA report. But the reality is that most portfolios are exposed to multiple benchmarks because they contain multiple funds. So how does the active vs passive debate stack up when you take it to the portfolio level?
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12.07.23 | Investment themes

Commodity investing with ETFs - An Introduction

With ETFs, you have the opportunity to invest cost-effectively in a broad basket of commodities. We explain why commodity ETFs can be a useful addition to your portfolio and what you should bear in mind.
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20.03.17 | How ETFs work

Swap ETFs: Synthetic replication of ETFs

A synthetic ETF replicates its index with a swap transaction (total return swap). These ETFs are also called swap ETFs.
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18.05.22 | Equity indices

MSCI index classification and how they divide up the world

Many ETFs track MSCI indices. But who is MSCI and how does its view of the world impact your portfolio?
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18.09.18 | How ETFs work

The decline of synthetic ETFs

Synthetic ETFs suffered reputational damage in the wake of the Global Financial Crisis. Investors have favoured physical ETFs ever since, so why do you still need them and who offers them?
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05.10.23 | Investment themes

What do you get when you buy a growth ETF?

Growth ETFs offer you the chance to own the next Google.
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18.04.21 | Investing

What is portfolio rebalancing?

With portfolio rebalancing, you keep your portfolio on track. It helps you to control the risks in your portfolio in the long term and offers the chance of an additional return through countercyclical trading.
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27.03.23 | Expert knowledge on ETFs

10 things most people don’t know about ETFs

What’s the most popular ETF in Europe? How much should you be paying for an ETF? Why is that mysterious UCITS tag really important? Level-up your knowledge with our ETF factoid blitz.
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10.07.23 | ETF basics

Make the right ETF selection: tips and tricks

Which ETF is the right one for me? What criteria should be considered when choosing an ETF? Tips and tricks for ETF selection.
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07.03.24 | Bond ETFs

Inflation-linked bond ETFs: how they protect you against inflation

Inflation-linked bonds are the one asset class that’s specifically designed to combat fast-rising prices. We explain how they work, the benefits and the risks.
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12.05.20 | Investment themes

Investing in gold mines with ETFs

Combine exposure to gold and equities in one adventurous package.
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15.04.18 | Investment themes

What sort of sector ETFs are available?

As always with ETFs it's important to know about the indices being tracked by sector ETFs in order to understand what you're buying into.
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13.07.20 | Expert knowledge on ETFs

ETF closing down – what now?

Time and again, ETFs are merged or liquidated. What you need to know when your ETF is closing down or being merged.
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19.09.23 | ETF basics

What is an index?

An index is a securities basket representing a whole market or a submarket. For example, the UK stock index FTSE 100 contains the stocks of the 100 largest and most liquid UK-listed companies.
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24.10.18 | Equity indices

A new industry sector is born

MSCI and S&P are changing their stock market sector classifications. We explain what this shake-up means for ETF investors as it’s all-change for the Technology, Telecommunication and Consumer Discretionary sectors.
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29.08.23 | ETF basics

How you easily decipher ETF names

ETF names can sound complicated at first, but you’ll soon decode them with our handy guide.
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24.03.20 | Investment themes

How to invest in gold with ETCs

Gold has been considered a valuable asset for thousands of years. Modern-day investors only have to invest in ETCs (Exchange Traded Commodities) to get their hands on the precious yellow metal.
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