Deposit/withdrawal with rebalancing

Portfolio deposit with rebalancing

The portfolio rebalancing feature enables you to make a deposit into your portfolio. The system calculates all necessary transactions to invest an additional amount according your strategic asset allocation, by taking your current allocation into account. Thus, a deposit with rebalancing will bring your total portfolio back in line with your target allocation.

Click on "Deposit" to enter the additional amount you want to invest in your portfolio.

Portfolio rebalancing with deposit  
In the rebalancing mode, the system shows you a hint with the minimum amount you need to deposit in order to rebalance your portfolio without sell transactions. Click on the amount in the hint to apply it to the calculation.

Portfolio rebalancing with deposit - Hint  
Select "Only buy transactions" under rebalancing settings in order to rebalance your portfolio without sell transactions. If the deposit amount in below the necessary minimum the system calculates the best possible rebalancing result. If "Only buy transactions" is not checkmarked the rebalancing also considers sell transactions if necessary.

Find out more about the general functionality of rebalancing in How does portfolio rebalancing work.


Portfolio withdrawal with rebalancing

In case of withdrawal from the portfolio, the rebalancing function calculates the required sell orders, in order to keep your portfolio as aligned as possible to the target allocation.
  Withdrawal with rebalancing
Select "Withdraw" for withdrawal and enter the desired amount. Subsequently, the system performs all the calculations for you.

Rebalancing with withdrawal
Rebalancing is not for free! Pay attention to the cost
Note that order fees and possibly even taxes are applicable on profits upon rebalancing. These costs must always be considered while rebalancing. Costs and benefits of rebalancing must be in proportion. Rebalancing should not be done if the costs are too high.
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