Telekom Slovenije dd

ISIN SI0031104290


WKN 915855




Telekom Slovenije dd provides communication, fixed, mobile telephony and other services. It operates through the following segments: Slovenia Other Countries. Its activities include telecommunications, data processing, activities connected with databases, technical design and consultancy, construction and maintenance of telecommunication networks, multimedia services and digital advertising, system integration and cloud computing services. The company also develops and implements solutions for managing business content and relations, and tools for managing and monitoring operations. T Telekom Slovenije was founded in 1991 and is headquartered in Ljubljana, Slovenia.
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Telecommunications Other Telecommunications Services Slovenia


Key metrics

Market capitalisation, EUR 441.14 m
EPS, EUR 5.82
P/B ratio 0.69
P/E ratio 11.60
Dividend yield 0.00%

Income statement (2022)

Revenue, EUR 652.12 m
Net income, EUR 37.51 m
Profit margin 5.75%

What ETF is Telekom Slovenije dd in?

There is 1 ETF which contains Telekom Slovenije dd.
ETF Weight Investment focus Holdings TER Fund size (in m EUR) Return 1Y
Expat Slovenia SBI TOP UCITS ETF 7.94%
7.00 1.38% 3 +18.25%
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