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Three Steps To Professionalise Your Investments


Use Proven Investment Strategies

Take advantage of the knowledge of reknown financial experts

Stick to simple investment rules to enhance your long-term return opportunities.

Low-cost passive investing with ETFs

Invest ...

  • in markets, instead of single stocks
  • broadly diversified
  • low-cost
  • liquide and fungible
ETF Model Portfolios

Use Low Cost Investment Products

Your Savings:

Investment amount
€ 100.000,00

Management fees per year
ø 0,37% p.a.

Active mutual funds
Management fees per year
ø 1,55% p.a.

Expected market return
6,00% p.a.

Start Cost Calculator

€ 25.757,40 more return
after 10 years due to cost advantages of ETFs.

Cost advantages of ETFs
0 5

Save up to 80% on fees with Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)

Take advantage of low-cost Exchange Traded Funds: Better invest in your portfolio instead of highly paid fund managers and analysts.

Invest low-cost with ETFs

ETFs have on average running costs of 0.37% per annum.

Traditional mutual funds do charge annual fees of on average 1.55%.

In addition, you save front-end loads (sales commission) and profit from low transaction fees. ETFs are easily traded on a stock exchange.


Manage And Monitor Your Investments Online


Practical order planning

Do not leave your investment costs to chance. Calculate your expected order fees before you order.

Compatible with any broker

Use a virtual system that allows you to execute orders at any broker. All transactions in the justETF system are virtually booked. You determine, when and which transactions – are executed in your real brokerage account.

Trade ETFs cheap and do order planning
Monitor your ETF Portfolio comfortable

Comfortable portfolio monitoring

Be always up-to-date with email alerts. Monitor your portfolio with justETF based on investment limits.

With daily emails alerts you are informed and able to react immediately.

Easy portfolio rebalancing

Restore your strategic asset allocation with our time-saving rebalancing service. – Our system does all the heavy calculations for you and generates a practical order list for your brokerage account.


Critical information always at hand

With justETF you know at a glance, how and where you are invested.

The visual interface makes it intuitive to grasp diversification, cost and risks. But it does not stop here! Analyse your portfolio in detail on portfolio, asset class or fund level at any time.

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