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The Gold price

Gold is seen as a safe haven by many investors. Especially in financial turmoil, it has shown to stabilise equity/bond portfolios.

An investment in gold is easily done with listed products, like ETFs or ETCs. These investment products track the spot gold price closely, after taking management fees into account. The advantage of exchange-traded Gold products is the minimal bid-ask spread compared to a direct trade in gold bullion. It is mainly due to the large 12.5kg bullion that are held and traded at fund level. Currently, Gold is tracked by 7 ETFs and/or ETCs.

Besides exchange-traded products on Gold in US dollar, there are also currency hedged products in euro, pounds sterling or Swiss francs available. These products are also considered in our comparison.

0.25% p.a. - 0.40% p.a.
annual total expense ratio
track gold
return in EUR in 2019 per 31/07/19
Gold-ETFs and Gold-ETCs

The difference between Gold ETFs and Gold ETCs

The diversification principals of the regulatory investment fund framework (UCITS) do not allow to launch a UCITS fund with only one constituent like Gold. Due to this fact, gold is mainly available as exchange-traded commodity (ETC) in European countries. These products are certificates issued by a financial institution collateralized with physical gold. In contract to the EU, Swiss regulation allows for Gold ETFs.


Cost of Gold ETFs/ETCs

The total expense ratio (TER) of Gold ETCs is between 0.25% p.a. and 0.40% p.a.. These costs contain insurance premium, storage costs and additional management fees for the product.


The best Gold ETF/ETC by 1-year fund return as of 31/07/19

All Gold ETFs/ETCs ranked by fund return


The largest Gold ETF/ETC by fund size in GBP

All Gold ETFs/ETCs ranked by fund size


The cheapest Gold ETF/ETC by total expense ratio

All Gold ETFs/ETCs ranked by total expense ratio


Gold ETFs/ETCs in comparison

The most important factors at a glance

Besides return, there are further important factors to consider when selecting a Gold ETF or ETC. In order to provide a sound decision basis, you find a list of all Gold ETFs/ETCs with details on size, cost, age, currency hedge, instrument type and collateral ranked by fund size.

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  Fund size
in m GBP
in %
Currency hedge Instrument type Replication method
Invesco Physical Gold AIE00B579F325 5,985 0.29% p.a. - ETC Physically backed
ETFS Physical GoldJE00B1VS3770 5,717 0.39% p.a. - ETC Physically backed
iShares Physical Gold ETCIE00B4ND3602 5,253 0.25% p.a. - ETC Physically backed
Gold Bullion SecuritiesGB00B00FHZ82 3,149 0.40% p.a. - ETC Physically backed
ETFS Physical Swiss GoldJE00B588CD74 1,580 0.25% p.a. - ETC Physically backed
Xtrackers Physical Gold ETCGB00B5840F36 763 0.25% p.a. - ETC Physically backed
ETFS GBP Daily Hedged Physical GoldJE00B7VG2M16 261 0.39% p.a. Yes
(in GBP)
ETC Physically backed

Source:; As of 20/08/19


Return comparison of all Gold ETFs/ETCs

The table shows the returns of all Gold ETFs/ETCs in comparison. All return figures are including dividends as of month end. Besides the return the reference date on which you conduct the comparison is important. In order to find the best Gold ETF/ETC, you can also perform a chart comparison.

ETF/ETC   1 month
in %
3 months
in %
6 months
in %
1 year
in %
3 years
in %
ETFS Physical Swiss Gold 5.73% 18.98% 16.51% 26.09% 14.36%
Xtrackers Physical Gold ETC 5.71% 18.99% 16.50% 26.07% 14.41%
Invesco Physical Gold A 5.65% 18.76% 16.15% 26.04% 14.11%
ETFS Physical Gold 5.71% 18.93% 16.40% 25.84% 13.95%
iShares Physical Gold ETC 5.51% 18.76% 16.30% 25.78% 14.21%
Gold Bullion Securities 5.55% 18.75% 16.21% 25.61% 13.67%
ETFS GBP Daily Hedged Physical Gold 0.87% 10.23% 6.04% 12.53% -4.49%
ETF/ETC   2019
in %
in %
in %
in %
in %
Xtrackers Physical Gold ETC 17.08% 4.31% 1.54% 31.07% -7.18%
ETFS Physical Swiss Gold 17.05% 4.25% 1.62% 30.94% -7.28%
iShares Physical Gold ETC 17.01% 3.75% 1.99% 31.17% -7.15%
Invesco Physical Gold A 16.98% 4.09% 1.57% 31.11% -7.21%
ETFS Physical Gold 16.36% 5.57% 0.58% 30.96% -7.30%
Gold Bullion Securities 15.10% 5.15% 1.86% 30.90% -7.30%
ETFS GBP Daily Hedged Physical Gold 8.89% -4.63% 9.27% 6.59% -13.25%

Source:; As of 31/07/19; Calculations in GBP including dividends