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The best carbon credit ETFs/ETCs

How to invest in carbon emission allowances using ETFs/ETCs

0,35% p.a. - 0,89% p.a.
indicatore sintetico di spesa annuale (TER) degli carbon credit ETFs/ETCs
carbon emission allowances, seguiti dagli ETF
carbon emission allowances
I migliori indici per gli carbon credit ETFs/ETCs

How can I invest in carbon emission allowances?

With ETFs you not only have the opportunity to invest in equity or bonds. You can also participate in the price development of commodities like carbon emission allowances. However, there are a few things you should know: commodity ETFs always track a whole basket of different commodities. There are no carbon emission allowances ETFs that are domiciled within the European Union. This is due to the regulatory framework which is defined by the UCITS directive. According to these guidelines, an index (and thus also corresponding ETFs) must always provide a minimum degree of diversification and may not consist of only one component. Consequently, regulations in the EU do not allow the launch of a carbon emission allowances ETF.

If you want to invest in a single commodity like carbon emission allowances, you can do so via Exchange Traded Commodities (ETC). Please have a look at our article "What is an ETC?" for a detailed explanation of the similarities and differences between ETFs and ETCs.

How carbon credit ETCs work

ETCs can replicate the performance of carbon emission allowances in different ways. First, an ETC may track the spot price of carbon emission allowances and be physically backed. If this is the case, physical carbon emission allowances are used as collateral for the corresponding ETC. Second, ETCs can track the performance of carbon emission allowances using futures contracts. These ETCs are also backed with collateral, which is usually checked on a daily basis. However, the collateral in such a case is not in the form of physical carbon emission allowances, but in the form of cash investments or securities with top credit standing.

In this investment guide you will find all ETCs that allow you to invest in carbon emission allowances.
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Carbon EUA performance

1 mese: -9,29%
1 anno: -41,76%

Carbon credit ETFs/ETCs

I più importanti fattori a colpo d’occhio

Quando si sceglie a carbon credit ETF or ETC si dovrebbero considerare diversi fattori in aggiunta alla metodologia dell'indice sottostante ed alla performance di un ETF. Per un migliore confronto, puoi trovare una lista di tutti gli carbon credit ETFs/ETCs, classificati in base alla dimensione del fondo con i dettagli relativi alla dimensione, ai costi, alla durata, al domicilio ed al metodo di replica.

Confronta i dettagli di tutti gli carbon credit ETFs/ETCs
Confronto grafico di tutti gli carbon credit ETFs/ETCs

  Dim. del
in mln €
in %
Uso dei profitti Domicilio del fondo Metodo di replica
WisdomTree CarbonJE00BP2PWW32 201 0,35% p.a. Accumulazione Jersey Basata su swap
HANetf SparkChange Physical Carbon EUA ETCXS2353177293 78 0,89% p.a. Accumulazione Irlanda Replica fisica
WisdomTree California CarbonJE00BNG8LN89 2 0,49% p.a. Accumulazione Jersey Basata su swap

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Confronto del rendimento di tutti gli carbon credit ETFs/ETCs

La tabella mostra i rendimenti di tutti gli carbon credit ETFs/ETCs a confronto. Tutti gli importi dei rendimenti includono i dividendi a fine mese. Oltre ai rendimenti, è importante la data di riferimento alla quale si fa il confronto. Al fine di trovare i migliori ETF, puoi effettuare anche un confronto grafico.

ETF   1 mese
in %
3 mesi
in %
6 mesi
in %
1 anno
in %
3 anni
in %
HANetf SparkChange Physical Carbon EUA ETC -9,23% -23,39% -35,78% -44,16% -
WisdomTree Carbon -9,03% -23,72% -35,81% -44,92% -
WisdomTree California Carbon -2,25% 2,58% 11,75% - -
ETF   2024
in %
in %
in %
in %
in %
WisdomTree California Carbon 3,64% - - - -
WisdomTree Carbon -29,73% -6,65% -0,87% - -
HANetf SparkChange Physical Carbon EUA ETC -30,41% -5,94% 1,90% - -

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